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Longhorn Ventures

Welcome and thank you for taking time to view our website. We look at our Texas longhorn cattle like a work of art. I love watching them as they leave me in awe of God’s diverse creation within a cattle breed. Longhorns have so much variety of color, size, horn type and length. Not only are they beautiful but their meat is very lean, they calve easily, are hearty, resilient to disease and competent at foraging for food. My favorite ones have the twisted horn and brindle color but I find beauty in all of them.

If you are looking to buy a cow, bull, steer or calf so you can start growing your own works of art, please call us. The people we have met in the longhorn industry are really top notch, friendly and helpful. We look forward to meeting you and continuing this Longhorn Venture with you. Keep viewing our website as we will be updating it often. You can contact us at: 719-478-3011 (home land line) or Mike’s cell 719-491-3757.

We are located N.E. of Pueblo, Colorado or S.E. of Colorado Springs. Our address is 6771 BOONE RD, BOONE CO. 81025. We do not live in the town of Boone but halfway between Colorado Springs and Pueblo on the eastern plains.

-Mike & Linda Metcalfe

2024 Metcalfe Dispersal Sale

July 13th, 2024  -  Amarillo, TX

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