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She is our oldest cow but the most productive, and still has a calf every year and breeds right back. In 2018 she had a calf early in the year and another one in December. She is still an easy keeper, great milker and mother. She will eat out of your hand & is so easy to work around. She has produced futurity winners and she herself won the 2011 Senior Cow HIGH POINT SHOW LEGACY and RESERVE CHAMPION. What more could you ask of a cow. She is a daughter of EMPEROR and granddaughter of GUNMAN.
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Metcalfe, Mike & Linda
Evans, Paige & Greg
She is exposed to BACKFIRED LOVE LV. A beautiful bull with exceptional color, horn length and direction. Check him out under our bulls. She is our oldest cow but has a very colorful calf every year that sells high so we keep breeding her. She produces great milk and is an outstanding mother.
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WHISPERS EVE, is an own daughter of the great EMPEROR bull. This is a bull that put EL COYOTE on the map, that Johnnie Hoffman dide so well with, and BOB LOOMIS built his foundation on. On the bottom side you have an own daughter of GUNMAN out of the great JOYFUL cow who's produced milkers like nobody's business and horn and body as well. She's being bred to BACKFIRED LOVE a young bull withe exceptional horn direction/length and exceptional color as well.
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Total Horn91.000004/01/2019